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Posting Guidelines

Blackmores provides you with ways to share and discuss ideas and tips about natural health and wellbeing. As health can be a sensitive area, we ask that you remain tactful and use common sense when you are involved in discussions with others.

On our site you can share your health concerns, and we encourage you to be honest at all times. However, if you use inappropriate language, or discuss a threat of serious disease or physical harm to yourself or another person, we will edit/remove your posts immediately. If you feel you are having an emergency medical problem, seek professional help immediately. (Some useful links include: ; ; ; ;

Please follow the below guidelines, which apply to all content that you post on our site, including text, links, images and videos. Do make sure you adhere to these guidelines at all times, as this enables us to maintain a positive environment for all users.


Remember you’re in public and that information you post can be seen by anyone on the internet

Respect the opinions of others

Keep your posts relevant, and change groups if you wish to discuss something else

Be open-minded, as everyone’s situation is different

Behave ethically

Be diplomatic when discussing touchy, awkward or sensitive subjects

Remain unbiased and informative, and consider both sides of an issue.

Keep your language tasteful (expletives, vulgar language and crude sexual references are forbidden)


Threaten or harass other users

Lie about your qualifications or personal details

Discuss or link to offensive or objectionable content

Post for commercial or advertising purposes

Post content that isn't yours

Discuss, link to, or engage in illegal activities

Post personal information about someone else (unless you have their permission)

Make unsupported claims – always use evidence or facts to support your statements

Post or discuss content with vulgarities directed towards another person, organisation or entity

Initiate arguments with other members

Please Remember

Some postings may be inaccurate or inappropriate for you and should not be taken as medical advice. If you need immediate medical attention or advice, contact your healthcare professional.

A Blackmores Administrator may be required to edit/remove community content that contains words or phrases that deem unfit for publication on our website. In addition, a Blackmores Administrator may be required to edit/remove community content that contains words or phrases concerning serious diseases (such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc). We also retain the right to remove any content that we deem inappropriate. Violations of our Posting Guidelines may result in warning, a suspension or deactivation of your Blackmores membership and all content associated with it.

Groups that are found to be in violation of these guidelines are subject to editing by us and/or removal without notice.

Please report any content you deem to be in violation of these guidelines by emailing

Contact us:

By Telephone: Freecall Advisory Service 1 800 803 760

In Writing: 20 Jubilee Avenue
Warriewood NSW 2102
AU Tel: 61 2 9910 5000
Fax: 61 2 9910 5555

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